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Medical Services

Our general practitioners are medical doctors treats chronic and acute illnesses focusing on preventive care. As a part of the service they provide health education to patients as well.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Taking care of the patients by responding to their current medical problems with reference to their medical history and carrying out diagnosis, treatment and counseling.

Information & Advice

Patient education is a vital part in optional medical care. We provide patient education regarding to their medical conditions and explain the treatment options. We also stress on preventative care strategies focusing on nutrition, exercise and hygiene.

Ordering Of Screening & Medical Tests

Medical test are key in Health screening and illness determination. Collecting blood, urine and samples of tissue which are send to laboratories for further testing and investigations.

Health & Nutrition Advice

Answering to patients' wellness and illness related questions & concerns. Motivating patients regards to medications, nutrition and lifestyle.

Prescription Of Medications

Prescribing take home medications and administering medication topically, orally, and via intravenous or intramuscular injections. 

Perform Minor Procedures

Perform minor surgeries, suturing of lacerations, skin biopsy, incision and drainage of abscesses  and dressing. We also perform other procedures like the ECG, BP, pain management etc.

Management Of Acute & Chronic Conditions

General physicians play an important role in providing diagnosis and care of acute and chronic illness. The focus of General practice has shifted from treating conditions in the emergency room, to preventative care and self-management of health conditions.

Referrals To Specialist Health Professionals

Our Patients are referred to other specialists for further treatment and care where there is a necessity.

Administering Vaccinations.

Meet immunization requirements for patients, as per specifications eg. child immunization.

Medical & Health Check-ups

We provide yearly, routine or comprehensive wellness health checkups. Being up to date with the current medical developments. Interpreting the results and counselling.

Early Intervention For Those At Risk

Create  individual customized health programs that make use of historical data of the patient. Then follow-up and monitor these progress and adapt and modify health programs over time.

Health Insurance Claims Applications

Submitting claims forms on behalf of patients who have health insurance.


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About us

Best Medical Centre clinic in Deira is a general practice aim to provide quality, accessible medical service for all patients. We are committed to promote well being and disease prevention in Dubai. Best Medical Centre provides a coordinated and enhanced healthcare experience. For general and patient enquiries please call: 04 3270 888.

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