The Importance of an Annual Health Exam

Best Medical Centre is reminding Dubai residents of the importance of having an annual health checkup with their family doctors. “Family doctors usually develops a relationship with you and always keep track of your well-being and the family’s medical history,” said Dr Tanushree A personalized health review, focuses more on a Individual approach with testing specific to that person. Doctor Tanushree recommends that “Everyone should schedule an annual appointment for a personalized health review,” She adds that taking care of once health is crucial as you enter your It’s at this time most of the major issues can start surfacing: some of them being the diabetes, heart disease, hormone disorders and more.” “The main reason everybody should have a family doctor is for that personal care and attention on once health. “Doctors identify issues at an early age and treat illness before they become more worse, and when appropriate, a family doctor will refer patients to specialists for further advanced treatments.” Even having a busy life style in Dubai, its mandatory to undergo a health checkup. Yearly Medical Checkups can help to identify early warning signs of disease or illness. Heart disease, diabetes and some cancers can often be picked up in their early stages, Early identification is the time the treatment options are more successful.

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